Cobra Update 11-9-16… “The Blue and the Event”

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portal2012_logo_vertical191A new fascinating update by Cobra.

“The emergence of the Goddess DouMu to the surface of the planet a few years ago is the first sign of the return of the Light forces after their 26,000 years long exile. This was the first step towards the return of Agartha to the surface. Now the Blue are preparing the portals on the surface so that the Agarthans can contact the surface population again first energetically and then also physically after the Event.

“Many of the caves worldwide were sacred places for various Light groups on the surface and many of them contain Goddess vortexes which will be activated at the Event… In Chinese Taoist tradition, caves that serve as portals into Agartha are called grotto heavens… The Blue are the guardians of those portals.

“Many of the grotto heavens are located in Taoist sacred mountains in China.

“Sanxingdui civilization was the…

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