Cobra Update 11-24-16… “The Pleiadian Interview wIth Cobra and A´drieiuous”

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portal2012_logo_vertical192[Kp update: By the way, when in the transcript Cobra notes that “the archons have engineered this election situation to override and divide the people in the United States”, somehow I have got that the opposite is what is happening. After all the individual and/or group and/or funded “freak outs” have subsided, there is a unification taking place, as people rise above “differences” and work together. See this 11-30-16 Kp message for more.]

This is a different interview than the one posted here earlier, from 11-18-16. I’ve read a bit of the transcript, and it has a (perhaps) more balanced (Trump v. Hillary) view of the election. The video is below, and the transcript is Scribd-ed below that.


The Pleiadian Interview wIth Cobra and A´drieiuous

You might want to listen to this joint Cobra / A´drieiuous Pleiadian interview:

Or read the transcript [here]


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