The GoldFish Report No. 101 Week 21 POTUS Update with Kent Dunn

The GoldFish Report Blog

Published on Jun 12, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 101, Week 21 of Drain the Swamp POTUS Update , Louisa and Kent discuss Comey’s NON-smoking gun testimony before congress, Mosul Independence Day Celebration in Iraq, policy review of U.S. Housing crisis and welfare program, vocational rehabilitation, more super-massive microwaves detected emanating from Antarctica spanning across continents altering the ionosphere, UK Election, and much more. Please send prayers and well wishes to William Mount who is battling a serious illness and needs our support right now.To support this public supported research social media please visit You can follow us on twitter at @ReportGoldFish, like us on facebook at, and you can follow us on our blag at To receive notifications of our reports as soon as they are published please subscribe to this YouTube Channel. Thank you for viewing!

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