The GoldFish Report No. 112 Guest Kenneth Scott Discusses “Status Correction”

The GoldFish Report Blog

Published on July 20, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 112 Guest kenneth scott, Overseer from Gemstone University joins the GoldFish Team Steve, Louisa and, systems researcher, Martin to discuss “Status Correction: Repudiation of the Presumption and Assumption of Death”. Kenneth explains the current human enslavement systems from its esoteric origins to the monetary and legal system and explains there is a path to freedom. Issues of Equity, Trust, and Commerce Law are distinguished and explained and much more. The Apocalypse is here!!! For more information about Status Correction please visit., and GemstoneUniversity on YouTube. To receive our Report notifications you can subscribe to this YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter @ReportGoldFish, on facebook at and on our blog at To help support this viewer supported public social research media, donations can be made on our website at Thank you for viewing! Enjoy the show.

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